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Rules And Regulation Empty Rules And Regulation

on Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:59 am
Registration and Rostering.

Drivers will have to choose one major sponsor and number to represent throughout the series. Once a sponsor and number are chosen this is permanent during the season.
Drivers can team up if desired with a max team count of three. All drivers on each team have to agree on the same sponsor and must use the same car with the same livery; however, each driver may choose a different number.  

Drivers once qualified in a certain car, may not change car under any circumstances.
Teams must have their rosters finalized within 3 days prior to the start of the series.  No roster changes will be permitted after that point.
All drivers must field a livery displaying their number and sponsor clearly. Inability to do so may result in disqualification from the race.

Series Set Up and Regulations
A quick stop/lap ratio will be determined which will provide the evenest field possible, ensuring the ratio is not favorable to one car over another.
There will be a ghost qualification race of no more than seven laps before the main event. This will help determine starting positions.
In these races, a physical safety car or a virtual safety car rule will be in play at the discretion of the race supervisor.
In any one race, the number of safety cars called is not to be in excess of 3.

After the third safety car period is completed a green to checker flag policy will be implemented, restricting the use of any more safety cars.
Upon the calling of caution, the safety will begin to drive at a pre-determined pace around the lap.
Caution may be called for any incident involving three or more cars where at least three cars have damage severely affecting the performance of the automobile. This does not include bodywork damage such as spoilers becoming detached.

Drivers will catch up to the safety car at race speed where and when doing so is safe.
Once a driver reaches the safety car for the first time they must form up behind it, lapped cars are not permitted to continue past.
Caution periods will be handled one of three ways:
A track sufficiently short will have 3 laps of caution; a catch-up lap, a pit lap, and a regroup lap.
A track of medium length will have 2 laps of caution; a pit lap and a regroup lap.
A track of sufficiently long length will have 1 lap. Pits will be open as soon as caution is called.

Caution restarts will be handled 1 of 2 ways:
A restart may be conducted at the start-finish line.
A restart may be conducted at a suitable point on the track, marked by some feature (such as a bridge or line) so as to avoid confusion amongst the drivers.
All caution restarts will be conducted in a single file.
Full restarts may be implemented to ensure fairness; however, there will be no more than two full restarts for each lobby.

Entering the Lobby, Starting the Race

The race Lobby will be open for drivers to join 30 minutes prior to the scheduled race.

A race party will be created and must be joined. Only reason for not joining would be connection issues etc. Access to Discord must be needed if party is not an option.

If spots are open due to no-shows, drivers that did not make qualifications for the race can be called to fill spots according to race times.
Races will be sorted using manual grid order. Your grid order is as determined by the series admin and should not be disputed without adequate reason.
After roll off for the pace lap, the drivers must form into a single file until they near the end of the pace lap.
At a point indicated by the pace car, drivers will be prompted to form into their grid order in the double file.

Odds will be placed on the inside of the first turn while evens will be placed on the outside.
The safety car will pull into the pit lane. This does not indicate the start of the race.
As YOUR car crosses the start-finish line you may advance to race speed and begin. Note this is not when the first car passes the line, but rather yours.

Unless otherwise stated, track limits will be anything that provides you with a clean lap according to the Forza algorithm.
Consistent disregard for the Forza clean track limits will result in a throttle off penalty being applied to the driver in breach.
Continued cutting and extending may result in a race disqualification if the breaches are considered severe enough as to give you a consistent advantage over the other competitors.  

Rules of Behavior

Any harassment, racism, excessive profanity, and threatening will NOT be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from the series.TURN admins in the series have the right to make this decision. Purposeful ramming will not be tolerated. The first incident will result in a DQ from that current race. The second incident will result in a DQ in that current race and the next one. The third incident will result in dismissal from the series.

If Purposeful ramming is taking place during a race. It’s the driver’s responsibility to take a game clip of this and send it to A TURN STEWARD for processing. This can be done by lodging a steward’s inquiry, and providing enough evidence for it to be reviewed and enforced.  

Points and Standings

Race standings will be based on points.
Tracking of team and individual points/standings will be posted each week on social media, as well as kept in an updated google doc.
The link to the doc will be posted in social media.

Recognition of commitment

By racing in the series you automatically are committed to recognizing the rules and regulations provided in this document. Failure to uphold regulations may result in actions taken against the driver in breach.
The series admins reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban players for severe breaches of the rules and regulations. This must be achieved by a 2 thirds vote by the admin team.
The series admins reserve the right to remove or penalize points for a breach of conduct or regulations listed above. Deductions will be awarded on a case by case basis and must be discussed with the other series admins.

Special notes

We highly recommend you stream races via mixer, twitch, or any way you feel to help promote the series and hopefully create a fan base.
These series are created by drivers that love clean racing with the addition of organization and competition. We are trying very hard to make these serious events.

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