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Super Trofeo Showdown - Rules Empty Super Trofeo Showdown - Rules

on Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:23 am
Racing Rules and Conduct Expectations

AMR GamerGuy is the series, President.
Any questions or interpretation issues can be brought to him.

There is no tolerance for collisions that occur outside the normal bounds of racing
This includes any type of aggressive ramming, shoving, bumping or other contacts that are deemed purposeful and outside of a racing incident
What is a “racing incident”? This is something that will be discussed per incident, as it is impossible to define every circumstance where a collision is ok. A good guideline is, if it looks bad, it probably wasn’t an accident

Any malicious incident will be reviewed and the perpetrator could face immediate expulsion from the series.
Racers who are reported to be aggressive will be reviewed and feedback will be offered to help resolve any conflict and correct unfortunate racing habits. Clip any issues and bring it to the marshal’s attention.

Continued aggressive driving will lead to the unfortunate expulsion from the series
There is no tolerance for cutting the track
Forza tracks limits will be used, egregious violations of those track limits would be judged on a case by case situation.
In order to help define proper racing etiquette, AMR GamerGuy will not administer any penalties for offenders except in the most grievous cases or repeated incidents with the same driver.

Incidents that cause damage to another players car that forces them to retire from a race will lead to a full investigation, followed by penalties to finishing points as required
Clips from all involved parties should be submitted if possible
The official replay will be consulted and other information will be considered
All reviews will be conducted by TURN admins
Ahead drivers have the right to choose any line down a straight. The ahead driver may make one move to block the opposing car, and one move to return to the racing line before the next corner - Unless the opposing car has overlap

To obtain the right of road position in a corner, the overtaker's car must have a substantial overlap of the car that is being overtaken, before they reach the corner's turn-in point. Should the overtaking car not have enough overlap, the leading car may resume its racing line without fear of contact
The car on the inside has the right to inside room all the way through the corner - right up to the exit point. That car should not be squeezed against the inside towards the apex area. The ahead driver can still battle for the position of course but must do so while maintaining side room for the behind driver
The car on the outside has the right to outside room all the way through the corner – right up to the exit point. That car should not be squeezed against the outside towards the exit point

Drivers that are being lapped must yield to the lead lap drivers. Any attempt to interfere with lead lap traffic may result in penalties.
If a driver has come to a halt on the track, either through spinning or crashing, then that driver must apply the brakes and not move whatsoever. This helps oncoming traffic find a route through the incident as a moving chicane is a lot harder to avoid and will result in a collision.
If a racer's car is severely damaged either through contact or at driver's own fault, they should remain off the racing line at all times, and drive at a vastly reduced speed whilst being fully aware of approaching traffic and return to the pitlane.
Cars on-track have right of way over any drivers entering or exiting the pitlane
Drivers must keep within the pit exit line
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